Volkswagen is developing the ID4 electric vehicle to challenge Model Y in China


Volkswagen has taken the bull by its horns, announcing that it would start developing the ID4 crossover electric vehicle in China to compete with the Tesla brand Model Y on the brink to garner the global market share. Volkswagen ID4 is the latest electric vehicle with its roots in Wolfsburg and will be rivaling Tesla’s Model Y to determine its performance and gain popularity.

The development of a car that rivals the Tesla models has been growing since the company expanded its operations and set a high price for its electric vehicles. Volkswagen made a public statement earlier about developing an electric SUV in China with $6.54 billion. The Volkswagen efforts seem to have yielded results because this model’s sales escalated in China by a whopping 3% when the overall sales plummeted due to the coronavirus pandemic. This rise in sales has granted Volkswagen the right to claim itself a giant in the European electric vehicle production as stipulated by JATO’s records.

The manufacture of ID4 in China will place Volkswagen in a competitive position with Tesla’s Model Y, which started gracing the Asian market not long ago. Volkswagen is also preparing to unveil a manufacturing site for this model in Australia to beat the schedule to reach out to various markets.

Automotive News reported that Volkswagen is rolling out ID.4 Crozz and ID.4 X, brands of ID.4, in China to give consumers a test of its manufacturing performance. In a real sense, the company is testing the market with these two models as pilot designs before it can decide whether to bring in more brands to China or not.

All the details available about these two brands is that they are emerging from different factories in different Volkswagen sites in China. Additionally, ID.4 X si slightly enormous than ID.4 Crozz. Reports indicate that ID.4 Crozz is under development at SAIC Volkswagen’s assembly point in Anting, China. This facility is worth $3.5 billion with the purpose to develop and assemble electric vehicles. The factory revealed that they could manufacture 300000 electric vehicles annually courtesy of the MEB electric vehicle production strategy.

On the other hand, ID.4 X is going into production at Volkswagen’s factory in Foshan, China, a company being run under Volkswagen’s partnership with the FAW Group. This factory also produces 300000 electric vehicles in a year.

Finally, Volkswagen revealed that the two models would be unveiled in the Chinese market very soon during the Beijing workshop. They unraveled the Golf 8 and Tiguan X. Nevertheless, the company resumes the development of the brands in its German facilities.


By Christopher Stern

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