Doug Lamborn explains that the US must strategize on the training of workers for the expanding space industry


Doug Lamborn thinks it would be best if the US Space Force and the space industry start training people for the different exploits in science and technology. This strategy will prepare people to work in this expanding industry. 

Numerous organizations ranging from the US military, the nongovernmental institutions, and academic experts are advocating for the uptake of people into the science-oriented programs. Lamborn advised the education experts to streamline their academic programs with what the space industry demands. 

Lamborn is serving his seventh term as a leader in the US. His hometown hosts the US Air Force Academy, Space Command, and other army units. Lamborn hopes that the homegrown talents can take up the jobs in the space industry by receiving the appropriate training from these institutions. 

Last week, Lamborn organized a joint meeting with various space industry stakeholders to discuss the integration of the training and academics with the job opportunities for the graduates coming from these institutions. 

The discussion narrowed around how they can integrate various departments to establish a dedicated workforce for space operations. Lamborn explained that each stakeholder is performing their duty to prepare the graduates for space jobs in various fields like engineering, scientific exploits, and control technicalities. 

Lamborn anticipates Colorado to become a hub of space workforce preparation since it hosts aerospace facilities and military details. Additionally, the discussion emphasized that space companies must create internship opportunities to train graduates for practical field operations, research, and technology development. 

Lamborn advocates for the Defense Department to authenticate security details for the military space programs to allow students to enroll for training as early as possible. The military should be aligning itself to start bringing in new energetic staff to resume operations on space projects. 

Lamborn has been an instrumental figure in Space Force operations and advocates for the Biden administration to increase its support for these operations. Lamborn hopes that the Biden administration will give the space industry more attention, if not the same as what the Trump administration did to ensure that the US retains its position as the space leader. 

To sum up, Lamborn is keen to ensure that Space Command leadership remains in Colorado to prepare the youth for this sector’s jobs. He added that he would abide by what the House and Congress come up with to accelerate the space industry’s expansion.


By Christopher Stern

Christopher Stern is a Washington-based reporter. Chris spent many years covering tech policy as a business reporter for renowned publications. He has extensive experience covering Congress, the Federal Communications Commission, the Federal Trade Commission, and other federal agencies. He is a graduate of Middlebury College.
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